Translating NYC Apartment Ads

Looking for an apartment in New York City is different from anywhere else (except for possibly San Francisco).

You almost need a Rosetta Stone to understand the listings. 

"Friends"- not your typical NYC apartment.

Some differences simply reflect the terminology used to describe unique properties.  Others?  Let's just say that some brokers are very "creative," requiring you to read between the lines a bit.

Here is a quick NYC to English real estate glossary:

#1 - "Studio"

One room apartment with a single living/sleeping area (aka "efficiency").

#2 - "Alcove Studio" or "Convertible 1"

One room with an alcove or small area that might accommodate a bed.

#3 - "Junior 4" or "Convertible 2"

One bedroom apartment with a dining area, alcove or other small area that could be walled off into another bedroom.

#4 - "2 Bedrooms"

Two actual bedrooms - or, more likely, one bedroom with a large closet. 

#5 - "Cozy"

Small.  My first NYC apartment was very cozy.

#6 - "Charming"

Small.  With peeling paint.

#7 - "Quaint"

Small.  With sloping floors and at least one sealed-up window.

#8 - "Walking Distance to Subway"

One block or 20 blocks.  Technically, everything in New York is walking distance.

#9 - "This Apartment Has a Lot of History"

The shower may be in the kitchen.  (Not kidding).

Shower in Kitchen

If you see an apartment that ticks most of your boxes - and only seems slightly overpriced - grab it.  It will probably be gone tomorrow.

New Yorkers - what else would you add to this list?