What's In My Carry-on (Weather Whiplash Edition)

I stalk Weather.com when planning and packing for TV tours. 

Especially on the cusp of winter and spring, when I can hit several seasons over the course of a few days.

What to pack?  Since I generally travel with a single carry-on bag - which houses a stockpile of makeup, charging cords, my laptop and gym shoes - space is kind of limited.

Over the years, I've learned to pack for the controlled climate in airports and on airplanes - which to my senses, is cold - plus a weather-appropriate outfit for each city.  

Yesterday morning, after a TV shoot in Syracuse, I headed to Phoenix.  From below-freezing to warm, summer sunshine.  Not that I'm complaining.

The biggest temperature swing I ever had in a day was 104 degrees - flying from 80 degrees in Phoenix to Minneapolis - where the air temperature was 24 below.  So yesterday was pretty mild by comparison.

Here's a typical look inside my bag for this type of trip:

For cold weather, I pack a colorful array of silk sweaters - along with scarves (rarely worn on-air, but perfect for keeping cozy on airplanes).  For warm weather shows, it's often one of my many Jane Summers dresses.

Then, a pile of cuffs and earrings.  Sleek but comfy black leather stretch booties for cold weather and running through airports. and my trusty nude BCBG "Carly" sandals - most definitely not appropriate for cold weather and rushing between terminals.

Next week's schedule involves a similar challenge - four cities, three time zones, various latitudes.

How do you pack for this kind of trip?