Movies for a Deserted Island

When we moved to the Upper East Side a few years ago, we did a major purge of our Gramercy apartment.

Among items deemed expendable?  A small mountain of movies that were rarely watched (thanks, Netflix!).  Most fell into the category of "classics," since DVD purchases for us are pretty much a thing of the past.

We were ruthless.  Scott actually had - and kept - more than me, but still took several boxes of them to Goodwill.

For me, it was pretty easy to pare down to these titles:

#1 - Manhattan

If for no other reason than the opening montage.

#2 - Julie & Julia

I heart Nora Ephron movies.  This one makes me want to cook up a fancy dinner - or get on a plane for Paris.

#3 - The Devil Wears Prada

Because Meryl Streep.

#4 - Hannah and Her Sisters

Another Woody Allen classic, with a glimpse of mid-80s Manhattan.

#5 - Love Actually

What's not to love?

#6 - The Holiday

Two words:  Rosehill Cottage.

#7 - Disney's A Christmas Carol

The one with Jim Carrey.  I love this story, and this is one of the best movie adaptations. 

Please chime in and share your top five films.  Happy Monday!