(Easter) Basket Case

When I was little, I was terrified of the Easter Bunny.  The idea of a giant rabbit with fangs sneaking into the house the night before Easter horrified me.  

Of course, I was perfectly fine with the basket of treats he left behind.

Never one to miss a photo opp, the "Easter Bunny" often packed a giant inflatable rabbit into my basket.  So if I wanted the chocolate eggs and toys, I had to get past this creepy face first.   

Amy Sewell Easter Basket

For a more modern - and in my opinion, compassionate - way to gather Easter goodies, I much prefer the customized All-in-One Easter Baskets I am showing for Personal Creations on TV shows this month.  (Photo courtesy of Personal Creations).

They are affordable and easy to create.  Among other treats, they are packed with a chocolate bunny, chocolate eggs, Peeps, jelly beans and sugared gummy eggs.  Plus, a cute, fluffy bunny - sans fangs.  Just pick the size of the basket, choose one of the cute liner designs, personalize it – and sit back and wait for it to arrive.  

Better yet, they arrive via UPS.  No scary bunny required.