The Easter Tree

My husband and I love Christmas trees.  Okay - I love them, and Scott sweetly tolerates my desire to put our (artificial) tree up each year around Halloween.

Last year, in addition to the 7 1/2 foot tree that dominates our small living room in November and December, we added a new tree to the family.  This slim, four-foot decorator tree fits perfectly on our window sill.

As the months have ticked by, I have been hesitant to take it down.  The soft glow of the lights is relaxing as we wind down in the evening.  In the predawn darkness, it gives just enough light to ease into the day as I curl up with a mug of coffee to watch the early news shows.

So, after a brief stint as a Valentine tree, our little tree has transformed into an Easter tree - complete with glittery pastel eggs.

What will it be next?  Memorial Day?  Fourth of July?  I am looking for excuses to keep it up.  After all, Halloween is only seven months away.