Diner and a Movie

I have a thing for New York City diners (as in the restaurant kind).

While the city has thousands of amazing restaurants, lingering over simple poached eggs or an omelet at a diner while someone else continually refills your coffee cup is a relaxing way to start the day.  

Yesterday, between appointments in the Flatiron area and Midtown, I wandered through our old stomping grounds around Gramercy Park.  Scott and I lived in the neighborhood the first five years we were married.   

I dropped by the Sunflower Diner on Third Avenue at 26th Street, where we often enjoyed breakfast before our Saturday morning movie dates. Their sunny, mosaic tile décor and colorful Fiestaware dishes were always a cheerful and cozy way to greet the day.  Many weekend brunch specials were large enough to share, so we would sometimes order one breakfast with two coffees.  (Not quite "Lady and the Tramp" - but still romantic!)

Coffee at Sunflower Diner