Up in the Air: LGA to IND

What did we ever do without wifi on airplanes?

Taking off from LaGuardia this afternoon to start a nine-day TV tour,  I managed to take and post this quick snap in that fleeting moment after the wifi came on and before we ascended into the clouds.  (I seriously love these Snapchat filters!  Come along for the fun @amysewellstyle, or follow us on Instagram).

This view of NYC never gets old.

Wifi has been available on larger jets for quite awhile now, but it is just making its way onto small, regional jets - such as the flight I had this afternoon.  While it's awesome and convenient, it has removed all excuses not to be productive (or at least to play on social media for a couple of hours).

It was too cloudy to snap a view of Indianapolis from above the clouds - but you can always count on displays of race cars scattered around the airport.

I was also rewarded with this gorgeous view from the ground soon after landing.