Sunday Dinner at the Sewell's

My husband and I love to entertain.  

One of our favorite things is to have people over for Sunday dinner.  We often linger around the table for hours - catching up, nibbling on dessert, drinking coffee and looking forward to the week ahead.

To avoid a scramble to get a meal together, I dig out a tablecloth - usually the one with fewest wrinkles - and set the table while our morning coffee brews.

Then, I might put a roast in the slow-cooker, and set out serving pieces for side dishes.  Just a few minutes getting things ready in the morning lets me focus on our guests, rather than stressing out about the meal.  We live a  10-minute walk from church, so when we get home, I have just a few minutes to toss everything together before our friends arrive.   

I'm all about making things ahead, or buying prepared items you can serve up quickly.  So, with Easter coming up - when we'll have about 10 dinner guests in our small New York apartment - I was excited when Sam's Club asked me to do this segment for them on the "Sonoran Living" show in Phoenix.

I chose menu items that make Easter dinner a breeze, from a fully-cooked spiraled ham (just heat and eat!) to prepared deli sides like gooey, cheesy scalloped potatoes and the freshest-tasting asparagus pomodori. They also have the most amazing ready-to-serve desserts.  Seriously - if you told me the coconut tea cakes on here would be my only dessert option for a long time - I would be perfectly happy with that. 

You can check out the full segment below!