Please Try This At Home

If you’re over your New Year’s resolutions – and have started eating sugar again - here is your excuse for breaking the fast.

These tweaks to a popular recipe take chocolate chip cookies from merely delicious to absolutely decadent!

Start with the Nestle Toll House recipe.  You probably have it in your kitchen, but here it is.

Use one tablespoon of vanilla instead of one teaspoon.  It sounds like a lot, but trust me on this.  (Sometimes, I live on the wild side, add them up and use both.)

The recipe doesn’t specify, but use dark brown sugar instead of light. 

Now for the tough part.  After you mix the dough, cover it tightly (I use one of these to seal it and keep other odors out) and leave it in the fridge for three days.  (I never said this was easy.)

Make extra dough if you must for sampling.  But this is seriously worth the wait.  I don’t fully understand the science (this might help), but it results in a rich, toffee flavor and cookies that brown evenly.  Every time.

Finally, remove the cookies from the oven before they appear to be done.  You might need to experiment with a few pans to figure out what works best with your oven.  The recipe says to bake them for nine to 11 minutes, but I generally take them out of my electric oven after seven.  Let them firm up on the baking sheet for several minutes before removing them to a cooling rack.

For an Insta-look at the process - and a glimpse of our fun-sized New York City kitchen - here's a quick video:

And a look at the finished products.  Same recipe, same batch, same baking time, same oven.  The only difference is that the dough for the cookies on the top row was baked right away, while the dough for those on the bottom row rested in the fridge for three days.  

02-06-16 Cookies 4.jpg

Both have that heavenly crisp-on-the-outside, chewy-in-the-middle texture, but the "aged" ones have a much richer taste.  

Please - do try this at home, and let me know what you think.  Happy baking!