Bedtime Stories (His & Hers)

When making the bed this morning, I picked up the books that my husband and I had been reading before going to sleep last night.

Can you tell which book was his - and which one was mine?

Clearly, we have different ideas of what makes a good bedtime story.

I always read for a few minutes before turning off the light, but definitely require something a bit less…um…taxing.

For me, that means some light fiction, or perhaps an interesting biography.   If something starts generating ideas for work or makes me think of things I need to do in the office, all bets are off - and I will be awake for hours. 

And, I can't read myself to sleep with an iPad, which keeps me awake - and presents the constant temptation of checking email or social media, or looking something up.  To fall asleep, I need old-fashioned hardcover or paperback books - the ones that fall on the floor with a thud when you start to nod off.

What books are on your nightstand?