Up in the Air: Dallas & Little Rock

Several years ago, I started the tradition of visiting my dad each February.

Once my Valentine TV segments wrap, I usually have about a week of office work to catch up on, which I can do from anywhere.  I actually visit several times a year, but this is always an easy time to schedule.

So, I stock the fridge with a few dinners for Scott to heat up while I'm gone, pack my carryon bag and fly South for a few days.

Not only do I see my dad, but since he lives in the Arkansas town where I went to university, I get to see friends who now work on campus.  I also have the pleasure of speaking to public relations classes, something I always look forward to doing whenever I am in town.

As is usual when I travel, I take the earliest flight possible - which is generally 6 a.m. and, when you fly American Airlines, probably connects through Dallas.  Even for an early flight, I still get to the airport ridiculously early, so I always have time for a quick stop for coffee and a scan of the New York Times and New York Post (confession: usually just Page Six) before boarding.

Today's early wakeup was rewarded with this view of frozen New York rivers, snapped during the takeoff from LaGuardia.

02-15-16 Frozen New York.jpg