New York Notes: Polar Vortex Survival Guide

Remember last year's polar vortex?  This year has been the polar opposite.  Other than a surprise 27-inch blizzard, it's been a tame winter here.  But just when you get too comfortable…  

Boom!  Winter returns - with below-zero temps and wind chills of 20 below.

Since it's Sunday - and we walk 10 blocks to church - I had to quickly reassemble the winter gear:

Blanket scarf.  My super-talented sister-in-law Holly made this for me at Christmas.  Bless her heart.  It's the only thing keeping my face from falling off.

02-14-16 Scarf 1.jpg

Fuzzy boots.  You'll never see these in Vogue - but frostbite isn't stylish, either.

02-14-16 Boots.jpg

Cute cobalt blue thermal underwear.  My mom would be proud.  If I'm in a car accident today, people in the ER should be impressed.

02-14-16 North Face.JPG

Ginormous, Thinsulate-lined gloves. Sure, my hands are bigger than the "man-hands" girl from Seinfeld - but at least I can still feel them.

02-14-16 Coffee.JPG

And last - but certainly not least - coffee.  Because coffee.