Christmas Movie Marathon

I can - and do - watch Christmas movies year-round.  

Once November arrives, however, said films are in constant rotation on TV (thank you, Hallmark Channel!).  So - in addition to popping up on our Netflix and Amazon Prime pages - they fill up our DVR until I get a chance to watch them.

Here are a few of my favorites - which I may or may not have already caught more than once this season:

"The Holiday" - All I want for Christmas is Kate Winslet's cottage.  Happily, its presence on American Airlines' entertainment system this month fulfilled my obsession with watching it multiple times during the holiday season.

"Love Actually" - Christmas Is All Around...and I love it!  This movie is also all around my iPad.  I like to watch it while working out in hotel gyms, as it makes the time fly by.

"Disney's A Christmas Carol" - The Jim Carrey version is the best.  Dickensian London never looked so good.

"Christmas Vacation" - I haven't gotten to watch it yet this year, but can always count on my husband and his siblings to work quotes from this movie into pretty much any conversation around the breakfast table at Christmas.

"Desk Set" - It's not necessarily a holiday movie, but much of this delightful 1957 Katharine Hepburn/Spencer Tracy film is set during the holiday season. 

"The Preacher's Wife" - Beautiful movie with amazing gospel music.

Finally, not listed here, because the lengthy list merits its own separate blog post: a ridiculous number of Hallmark and Lifetime movies - especially cheesy, modernized versions of "A Christmas Carol" featuring female Scrooge characters portrayed by everyone from Susan Lucci to Tori Spelling.

Okay - your turn to chime in.  What are your holiday favorites?