Tour O' Trees

If you know me, or have spent more than five minutes reading this blog, you know that my heart beats for Christmas trees.

So, as I trek around the country doing holiday TV segments - I pay extra attention to the trees that decorate airports, hotels, and TV studios.  Here are a few of my favorites:

The Admirals Club at LaGuardia Airport is always totally decked out for Christmas - and gets my award for "most festive airport lounge."


The Indianapolis airport always has a fabulous display.  This photo is from 2015, but this year's is similarly spectacular.


The tree in the American Airlines terminal at LAX is always a favorite - and even includes a (very loud) train with lots of bells and whistles that continually circles the base of that rotunda.  It is always one of my favorites - if for no other reason than whenever I see it, I am probably on my way home.

12-15-16 LAX.JPG

Just imagine the warm, cozy lobby of this hotel in Seattle with a roaring fire in that fireplace - accompanied by a soundtrack of holiday classics from Andy Williams and Nat King Cole.


One of my favorite studio trees this year, on the set of KATU-TV in Portland.


See the trees in the background of my segment at the "Daytime" show?  I brought in a forest of these "pop-up trees" from BrylaneHome for a holiday segment four years ago - and they still use them to decorate the set each year.

12-15-16 Daytime.JPG