Make Mine a Cosmo

What gets me out of bed before sunrise when it’s 25 degrees on the streets of Manhattan?

A free blow-out at Drybar, that’s what!  Courtesy of “Pretty Little Liars” – which has its winter premiere tonight – they offered free appointments all day.

Since I wake up ridiculously early – an occupational hazard of doing early-morning TV – I snagged one of those coveted appointments as soon as I got the 5 a.m. email about it last Monday.

Drybar pretty much created the category for blow-dry salons.  I did a few TV projects for them shortly after they launched, and although they now have tons of competition, they remain my ‘bar’ of choice.  

Depending on my mood - and whether a client meeting, TV appearance or date night with my husband is on the agenda - I'll order a Manhattan (sleek and smooth style) or a Cosmo (when, like today, I want a fun, curly look).

So, my hair should look pretty good today – even if it’s buried beneath a fuzzy hat and scarf.