Reform Your Dorm, Part 2

My first New York City apartment was actually smaller than my dorm room, so the small space-decorating skills honed in college came in handy long after graduation.

I'm also sort of an obsessive organizer, “Kondo”-ing closets and drawers long before anyone heard of such a thing. 

If you’re heading to college – or simply trying to fit your worldly goods into a tiny apartment – here are a few tips I shared for my client Bed Bath & Beyond on CBS Los Angeles!

Think vertically.  You can’t spread out, but most space from floor to ceiling generally goes unused.  A shelving unit that fits over the bed provides extra space for books, photos and other stuff.

If your dorm furniture can be moved, bed lifts create tons of extra storage space underneath the bed.  This set even includes extra USB and power outlets!

Need extra closet space?  A double-hang closet rod gives you – well – double the space for hanging clothes.  Hanging organizers keep sweaters, shoes, handbags and other accessories in their place and allow you to use every bit of vertical space.

Finally, slimline flocked hangers are my secret weapon when keeping closets in order in our Manhattan apartment. You can fit in twice as many clothes compared to using heavy wooden or plastic hangers - and the flocking keeps everything in place!