The Right Fit

I've done a lot of interviews with "Daytime" co-host Jerry Penacoli, but today's segment was the first chat we have had about bra sizes.  

When Jockey Bra called to tell me about their new fit system - which lets you get a bra specifically designed to fit your measurements - I jumped at the chance to try it out and do this segment for them!

How does this work?  To measure yourself home, order a FitKit from Jockey.  They will send a measuring tape to determine your band size, along with a set of 10 specially-designed plastic cups to determine your cup size.  It assigns a numerical cup size, which differs from the traditional "ABC" system of sizing that is often inconsistent - even within the same brand.  If you live close to a Jockey Premium Outlet, just drop in to get measured.

For today's show, three models tried out the fit system for us.  We sent them FitKits ahead of time so they could measure themselves for a new bra. 

They brought in old, stretched-out, ill-fitting bras (we all have them, right?).  We first saw them "before," and then saw them in the same outfit wearing their new Jockey Bra.  

See the difference for yourself!  While these ladies look fabulous no matter what they are wearing, having a bra that fits perfectly gives a woman a gorgeous shape and silhouette - not to mention the confidence that comes with knowing you look and feel your best!

Check out the four beautiful styles at Jockey Bra.  From now through October 31, all of these bras, regularly priced at $60, are on sale for $39.99.  Also through the end of October, for every bra purchased, the company will donate one to a woman in need.  It's a great chance to get a bra that actually fits - and help someone else at the same time.

Finally, here I am with my gorgeous models.  Not sure how this happened, but the four of us managed to color-coordinate for the show! 

10-16-15 Daytime - Jockey4.jpg