Dating 101: Do's and Don'ts of Valentine Gifts

Each Valentine's Day, many people face a dilemma: what gift - if any - should you give to someone you just started dating?  Here are a few tips I shared on "The Better Show," KCAL-TV, WGN-TV and KDVR-TV to consider when choosing a gift if your relationship is new.

  • Know if the relationship is exclusive.  If you aren’t sure – and you don’t have a date together on Valentine’s Day – you can probably skip the gift.
  • Give a gift that reflects your current status.  Don’t try to use a gift to force the relationship to a new level.
  • Keep it light!  Give something appropriate to the nature and duration of the relationship, such as flowers, chocolates, wine, or tickets to a concert, ball game or other event you can enjoy together.
  • Don’t give a gift that indicates you are planning a future together.  Save the photo of the two of you in a heart-shaped frame for another year.