On-the-Air: "The Better Show"

If you plan to “regift” something you received this holiday season, think about regifting the same way you think about “gifting.”  Only give an item if it is something you would buy new for that person, and that you are confident suits their interests and style.

For more tips, check out my recent segment on the nationally-syndicated "Better Show!"

A few other tips to keep in mind:

  • Confirm that gift cards still carry the full face value.
  • Make sure the item is in new, pristine condition.
  • Check to make sure the gift has not been personalized.
  • Make an elegant presentation with new, seasonal gift wrap or a festive gift bag or box.
  • While regifting has become more common, the etiquette of how to receive a gift has not changed.  Accept all gifts graciously, and promptly send thank you notes.  Good manners never go out of style.