On-the-Air: Los Angeles

Fall always inspires me to do a little redecorating, even if it is just moving around pictures, editing the bookshelves, or picking up a few new colorful throw pillows.

This year, we actually went a step further and repainted our bathroom, along with replacing the bathroom vanity and sink.  That may not sound like a big job to you, but when you live in New York City, even a tiny project like this requires mountains of paperwork to get everything approved by the co-op board to ensure there is no damage to building.  More on that another time, although it's a process we really don't mind because it protects our home from possible damage from construction in other apartments as well.

To kick off the season, I shared a few quick, easy, and affordable tips for sprucing up your home for fall at CBS Los Angeles.  You can check out the full clip below.

Sunday Stories

A few fun reads!


So you want to be a dog walker?  Good luck with that.

TV girlfriends - if you're looking for a light, fun read, pick up CNN anchor Alisyn Camerota's book Amanda Wakes Up, which was my airplane reading during last week's TV tour.

I am nowhere close to being a millennial, but I haven't a clue about using power tools or taking care of a yard, either.  But I do know how to cook (and love doing so!) - and know how to clean our home and do laundry and other basic life skills.  Interesting look at what retailers are calling the "do it for me" generation.

Such a fun birthday present for me this year!  Don't think I have mentioned this yet on the blog, but as an Anglophile, royal babies make me so happy.  And guarantee I'll buy virtually any magazine that has this little branch of the Royal Family on the cover.

As someone who frequently works with food stylists, this new culinary school emphasis on photography and social media skills totally makes sense.

Have a lovely week!

A Very Merry Halloween

Each Halloween, we love hosting trick-or-treaters at our apartment.

The way it works in our Upper East Side apartment building is that residents sign up at the front desk to let them know that trick-or-treaters are welcome.  A list is then distributed to families, and children who live in the building (and a few friends) come by.  The later it gets in the evening, the older - and louder - the visitors get. 

If you come by, we always give out the good stuff - things like Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.  Kit Kats.  Snickers.  Our next door neighbor does, too, so people always leave our floor feeling very happy and looking like they just won the lottery.


The tiniest princesses and superheroes come by with their parents early in the evening.  While I ooh and ahh about how adorable they are and admire their costumes, the parents often look warily over my shoulder.  Not because there are any ghosts and goblins here - or because Scott looks scary - but because our Christmas tree is usually up.

That looks pretty scary to some people, I know.  But decorating early gives me time to enjoy the lights on the tree, since I am out traveling on TV tour most of November and December.

Early Christmas trees notwithstanding, that doesn't stop us from also decorating a bit for Halloween.  I load up on tiny pumpkins and gourds as soon as they appear in September, and keep bowls of them around to decorate through Thanksgiving.

Here are a few ideas I am sharing for several companies on Halloween TV segments this month.  There is no reason kids should have all of the fun on Halloween, and it's easy and affordable to stock up for a grown-up gathering!

Skeleton and coffin candy dishes, and a spider lace table runner, from Target's Hyde and Eek collection.

10-13-17 Target Decor.JPG

Exclusive candies from Target.  Noticing the peanut butter theme here?

10-13-17 Candy.JPG

That chocolate is a nice match for the smooth finish of Hob Nob's Wicked Red or Wicked Chardonnay

For a refreshing, low alcohol beer, Schofferhofer Grapefruit even fits in with the Halloween decor!


I don't need a holiday to brew up a cup of piping hot Pumpkin Spice Coffee or Hot Cocoa on my Keurig.

Who says flowers are just for Valentine's Day and Mother's Day?  Love these arrangements from Teleflora!

10-13-17 Teleflora.JPG

When do you put up your holiday tree? 



* Product photos courtesy of featured companies.

10 Years...On Our Way to Forever Together

When I was in elementary school, segments from radio host Paul Harvey would interrupt my top 40 songs on KGMO radio.

If you are younger than me, you're probably saying, "Paul who?".  But if you're in the vicinity of my age neighborhood, you might recall that when Mr. Harvey would report an anniversary of a long-married couple, he would always end the story with something to the effect of "75 years...on their way to forever together."

Today, Scott - who at 31 days younger than me might claim to be too young to remember Paul Harvey - and I are celebrating 10 years...on our way to forever together.  

Here are two of my favorite photos from that day, along with a gift made by my sister-in-law Holly; this hangs in our hallway to ensure we never forget the day!  You can see more memories and pics here.

Amy & Scott_0127.jpg
0321 Amy and Scott Recessional.jpg
10-06-17 Date.JPG



National Cheeseburger Day

I love to celebrate holidays.  So I was excited to have the opportunity to grill up a segment at CBS San Francisco this morning in honor of National Cheeseburger Day, which is September 18!

09-17-17 KPIX.JPG

To make the day a bit more festive, I worked with a couple of companies to pair up wines with favorite cheeseburgers.  Omaha Steaks has almost two dozen different types of burgers, so I chose six burgers, piled them high with toppings and cheese, and matched them up with some favorite wines from Deutsch Family Wine & Spirits (White Plains, NY).

Here are the pairings shown in the segment.  Cheers!


* Burger photos courtesy of Omaha Steaks.